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At present, TeleHealth and Telephone is your option for working with me currently.  It is a different sort of “face-to-face” experience. It can be a handy tool if the weather outside is “frightful”, limited transportation options, not keen about being around other people, compromised immune systems, mobility issues, or just don’t feel like leaving the house.

True Color Counseling, LLC offers new and established clients the opportunity to have sessions via a HIPAA compliant live feed video services. I utilized several platforms for TeleHealth sessions: and , and  Therapy Notes, LLC client portal:

Telephonic/phone sessions are also billable during for established and new clients.

For your review is True Color Counseling, LLC “TeleHealth Policy and Procedures”  covering all aspects of social media and “TeleHealth Consent”:



If this means of having a therapy session is of interest to you let me know.

Warmly, Harriette