Disordered Personalities

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Disordered Personalities is the more accurate and current clinical description of Personality Disorders. Historically thought to be the result of childhood trauma is now correctly understood to be a neurological condition that is both hereditary and genetic. Disordered Personalities are more the result of the full personality (skill sets)  of an individual not being nurtured or developed completely through parenting and/or environments. Often clients comment "I did what I see other people doing but it's not working for me ... Why is that?" 

A Disordered Personality diagnosis is frequently a misdiagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in women. However, an individual can have both neurological heredity conditions. 

I am not an expert but have focused many continuing education hours to become a Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Provider. I currently utilized the research of Dr. Lester PhD; Dr. Marsha Lienham (DBT), Dr. Kreisman, MD author of I Hate You Don't Leave Me: Understanding the Borderlne Personality; Mason and Kreger's work Stop Walking On Eggshells 3rd ed; and Kiera Van Gelder author of The Buddha and The Borderline