My approach ... it's all about the story ...

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I am honored you have taken time to consider True Color Counseling, LLC.

The focus of my practice is exclusively autistic adults. 

I approach counseling as a dialogue, a conversation between equals holding space where you can share your story. I draw from both your and my diverse background of life experience and reading.  I rely, as well, on your active participation in and out of sessions. It's your journey towards emotional health. My role is more like a Sherpa, a travel companion who knows some the trail and is agreeable to blaze a new trail with you.  

Remember "successful"change occurs gradually, meaning effective therapy requires a commitment to the process. It will be your responsibility to make efforts to change belief systems and behavior patterns. My responsibility is to facilitate. Together we clearly define your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. We will explore symptoms to discover the core motivation of the issue and work to bring change in those areas through insight, education, behavioral change, self-talk, and other techniques.

My approach to counseling is wholistic and medically integrated by design. It is inclusive of the client’s nutritional, physical, spiritual, financial and mental health. My approach is informed by my profession as a Licensed  Clinical Social Worker which includes NASW Code of Ethics and being a mandated reporter. My approach is significantly guided by you,  "person-centered", and a very psychologically eclectic including techniques from various schools of thought and therapeutic modalities drawing upon the work of many:

  • Morita Therapy by Dr. Morita and Naikan theory from Japan;
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Dr. Beck;
  • Family Systems Theory;
  • DBT- Dialectic Behavioral Therapy by Dr. Linehan blending Zen Buddism and CBT; 
  • “Nonviolent Communication” by Dr, Rosenberg and Dr. Carl. Young’s Person-Centered Theory;
  • “16-Step Empowerment Process” by Dr. Charlotte Kasl building on 12-Step programs;
  • Somatic Experiencing” by Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. Resma Meneken;
  • Dr. Porgas on our Polyvagal Nerves System; and clinical work of Deb Dana LCSW 
  • Dr. Van Der Kolk’s work with the impact of dramatic events on the body;
  • Dr. Daniel Siegal’s at MindSet, neurological and neuropsychological health;
  • Movies and movie characters, TED Talks, On Being Podcast;
  • Cross-Cultural training;
  • On-going continuing education as an LCSW
  • As well as, Christian, Buddhist, Sufi, Pagan, and Jewish thought,
  • Art, Music and
  • 30 years of clinical street smarts.

We begin with the Intake completing a Comprehensive Clinical  Assessment and establishing your initial Treatment Plan from the get-go. Progress will periodically be evaluated and the plan and goals modified if/when necessary. Treatment plans are constructed with you,  cand are structured to meet the requirements of insurance companies with whom I have contracted to receive payment for my services with you. Treatment Plans are also part of our work if you are paying out of pocket. These plans use a Person-Centered Thinking model which is also Evidence-Based. All techniques and guiding principles for therapy are consistent with principles set forth according to these particular schools of thought. 

I look forward to hearing from you …