Adulting & Chronic Mental Illness

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Living in the United States as an adult diagnosed with a mental illness is tricky, to say the least. My clinical practice is devoted to Autistic adults who have major medical mental health diagnosis, as qualified by the DSM-V. As adults, my clients do their best each day to show up for what is important - family, friends, work, children, doctor appointments, medication management, therapy, school - living a life worth living in the midst of chronic, persistent, intrusive, medication requiring symptom presentation. For some, they are also attending to major physical medical conditions as well. These conditions often reflect years of addressing mental health concerns and/or substance use choices to mitigate either/or both physical or mental health hurdles.

Together we work to sort out the small stuff, tool-up for the big stuff, mitigate the mundane ... it's all about being an adult with chronic mental illness. I look forward to traveling this road with you.